Sumeya Ali

Live Artist

My name is Sumeya. To some, I am Sumi, or Su, or Sushi, or any other nickname you adorn me with. I am a self-taught painter, artist, and creator. I have been painting since 2015 with a range of mediums from acrylic paint, to water color, to oil paint, and collage.  Through my original artwork, I aim to share personal experiences – the lessons I have learned and growing pains I feel

In my art, I explore the language of colors. I create environments where you can both find and lose yourself, over and over again. Colors like peach and pink, which I use consistently in my art, urge you to reach out and feel the warmth. Cool tones like blue and purple generate a sense of space, but also detachment.

I regard my art as a sacred practice that is accessible not only to me but to anyone who crosses paths with it. For example, symbols in my work parallel symbols in life that present themselves from conversations with close friends. This communal act is an essential part of my practice.

 Ultimately, I am a student of the visual language of art, I am on the path to becoming fluent. My mission is to take others along this path with me – to guide their creative self-expression.