Nikta Sabouri

Director, Dramaturg, Actor, and Translator

Nikta Sabouri is an Iranian-American freelance theater director, dramaturg, actor, and translator based in Boston. Selected as one of New Rep’s 2023 Pipeline Project Residencies, her project will be the first English translation of the 60-minute play Testament of Bondar Bidakhsh, a dramatic account of the fall of the Vizier to Yama, the King of Persia. This high-ranking official constructed a magical cup to give Yama infinite knowledge and absolute power, which ultimately led to their mutual downfall. The Testament of Bondar Bidakhsh is the third play in the “Naqqali Trilogy” book by Bahram Beyzaie. The book consists of three works that blend traditional Iranian storytelling modes with contemporary Western theatrical practice, each concerning a heroic figure from Persian mythology.

Sabouri, who earned her B.A. in theater directing at Tehran University in Iran and an M.A. in theater theory and dramaturgy at University of Ottawa, Canada, says: My objective in this project is to recount an original myth of Persia, introduce an Iranian traditional dramatic form, and bring it into the melting pot of Bostonian theatre to foster cross-cultural communication, understanding, and compassion amongst an audience of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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2023 Pipeline Project Residencies
Director of Testament of Bondar Bidakhsh