Nieisha Deed

TA Moderator

My name is Nieisha. In 2008, I was diagnosed with bipolar, was treated and had a mental breakdown in 2017 that could have ended my life, but it didn’t. Instead I quit my Corporate America job as an accountant and became a mental health advocate, activist, and speaker. I choose to live more authentically.

I’m the founder of PureSpark. PureSpark was born out of my passion to help others and through this organization I strive to bring hope to those who find themselves in a dark place. It seeks to cultivate the kind of mental wellness culture that she craved when I was sick. PureSpark uses social media to provide resources, and daily coping mechanisms that would otherwise be out of reach for someone who is unfamiliar with the mental health system. PureSpark is committed to helping you find your spark in the darkness. We believe that in order to heal yourself you may have to try multiple forms of therapy including but not limited to psychotherapy, psychosomatic therapy, aromatherapy, journaling, dancing, singing, sound therapy, exercise, yoga, and exposure to nature.

Join me on this journey and I continue to prioritize my mental health and help others do the same.