Resilience is the word that comes up when describing McKersin. He overcame a troubled environment and upbringing in order to become the dancer, educator and artistic director that he is today. With Ethnic-Haitian dance as his base vocabulary, McKersin started building a bigger arsenal with Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tap. Today, he leads workshops throughout various parts of the world orientated towards social justice and the roots of African American culture and movement. McKersin is currently leading an international research project that involves the ties and spread of the African Diaspora in the western hemisphere as well as many projects throughout his community. His local projects promote emotional competency, healing and conversation through the arts. He is also a full-time performing arts teacher in a K-8 school in his community while running his non-profit, Lakaï Arts that aims to build stronger communities of color towards self-sufficiency using the arts and Lakaï Dance Theatre, a subsidiary of his non-profit.

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