Gastrell “G” Rossignol

Salsa Dancer

GASTRELL “G” ROSSIGNOL (He/him/his) is the Director of School Programming at Masacote Entertainment specializing in Bachata, Salsa, and Capoeira. G began formal dance training in folkloric dance, zouk, and compas at the age of 9. He studied in his hometown of Orange City, N.J. and during visits to Haiti. He went on to learn the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira, Latin dances bachata, salsa and merengue, and urban dances hip-hop and break dance, landing him his street name, “G.” 

An avid supporter of youth dance programming, G teaches for the Learn Through Dance youth program and has taught Latin dance at Hyde Square Task Force. Before joining Masacote, G was a Latin dance instructor for 3.5 years with Salsa Matei Company. He has taught capoeira at Sinha Capoeira for 12 years. He believes in spreading the art of dance to give people a means of expression and to bring joy into their hearts and to those around them. 

 G has BS degrees in Psychology and Business Management.