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Board of Directors

Chris Jones – Chair

Danielle Galligan – Vice-Chair

Sarah O’Neill – Clerk

Lillian Sober Ain

Lisa A. Breit

Shannon Joseph Fairley-Pittman, Ed. D

Erin Fragola

Don Giller

Jackson Jirard

Stanley Kay, Legal Counsel

Shari Malyn

Chris Noble

Christopher Shearer

Pamela Taylor

Michael Zimmer

Indigenous Peoples’ Land Recognition

All teaching and learning takes place on Indigenous Lands. We are coming to you from a place originally called Pigsgusset, which means Meadows At The Widening Of The River.  Now referred to as Watertown, this land is the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Pequossette Band of the Massachusett Tribe.  While Pigsgusset is a rendering of the name, according to spelling by English colonial settlers, and we do not know the original pronunciation according to the First Peoples of the land, we make this acknowledgement to offer recognition and respect to the original inhabitants of this place, especially since the Indigenous history of Watertown has been mostly erased. New Repertory Theatre commits to supporting Indigenous peoples and their cultures by hiring and supporting artists who are Indigenous. 

Michael J. Bobbitt & Dr. Mishy Lesser