Current Opportunities

New Rep strives to dismantle every system, process or structure that would discourage any person from working with us.

Anti-Racism/Diversity Statement: New Rep actively seeks diversity, equity and inclusivity because we know that all people are vital and that their stories are our stories.


The Pipeline Project at New Repertory Theatre seeks submissions for its second generation of artist residencies

The Pipeline Project invests directly in local performing artists, writers, and performance makers, providing concrete and tangible pathways to production at the professional level. The
Pipeline Project does not confine itself to any traditional methods of commission or residency, though it is an artist residency program. The nature and structure of each residency will vary,
catering to the needs of the artists involved. The Pipeline Project strives to help New Rep live up to its name – to create a new repertory of artists in the local community who can sustain
themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially through their work.

The Pipeline Project is fluid, changing with the goal of providing support to local artists with detailed, nourishing, and specific attention to all people that come into residence. While we cannot guarantee a full production of any project that comes into residence at New Rep, it is our goal to achieve that in the future. All projects developed through the Pipeline Project will receive priority review in future season planning.

– Playwrights and writers who are developing new work for performance

– Directors devising new material, or adapting pre-existing material

– Solo Artists, seeking time, space, and/or collaborators, including but not limited to Directors, Choreographers, and Composers

– Musicians and Composers expanding their work into a theatrical medium: Concept Albums, Immersive Concerts, Storytelling/Narrative-infused concerts

– Dancers, Choreographers and Mover-Makers collaborating with other dancers/performers

We are actively seeking works that lack access in the New England area, including the development of new musicals, works by or about the Indigenous experience, works by or featuring performers with a disability, works by or about trans people/communities, solo works, and interactive/site-specific works.

Proposals for projects that are in early stages of development are acceptable.

The Proposal Process:

Our submission process and call for proposals closes at 5:00pm EST on October 31, 2022. 

Submissions and proposals will be reviewed by a committee of New Rep’s creative and leadership team.

After an initial screening of proposals and submissions, the committee will invite finalists to interview in order to gain a deeper understanding of what the project is, how New Rep can support it, who the makers are, and what financial and technical support is needed. The number of projects selected may vary depending on size and scope.

The New Rep team will work with the selected artists in residence to create developmental support frameworks and a schedule for development. Such support can be composed of: dramaturgy, research, seeking out collaborators, table reads/staged readings, feedback from artistic staff, rehearsal space, prop/material acquisition, and more.


We ask that all applicants live within New England, as we cannot guarantee housing or transportation for artists, and we have an explicit aim to cultivate and support local artists.

We ask that all applicants be over the age of 18 and have the right to work in the United States, or have specific support from a legal adult with the right to work in the United States on the project.

We ask that submitted material is in development, not yet extensively developed or produced.

We ask that all applicants are vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 in order to be present in our spaces.

We ask that projects speak powerfully to the vital ideas of our time, and engage with emphasis towards justice and equity.

Compensation and Rules of Engagement:

Financial justice is a key value of the Pipeline Project and New Rep’s relaunch process.

Compensation will vary depending on the size, scope, and number of projects accepted. Our aim is to set a new standard for resident artist pay. Such compensation will be no less than $20/hr, with an eye towards compensating time that is not traditionally recognized/supported (writing time etc.) in addition to on-site time for rehearsals and workshops.

We ask for the right of first refusal for the project for a negotiable timeline, but are open to discussion for production trajectory. We will review projects that cannot provide the right of first refusal due to prior commitment or commission on a case by case basis.

We hope to engage the artists in other events related to New Rep’s ongoing programming, although this is not a requirement of the residency.

We hope to maintain relationships with artists after they finish the residency, and will support them when possible.

We ask that New Rep be credited for involvement in development.

To Apply:

Please submit by 5:00pm EST on October 24th, 2022 to the best of your ability for consideration for the second cohort of the Pipeline Project. Any accessibility accommodations or access needs will be tended to as soon as we are able. 

Fill out a GoogleDoc submission form, found here.

You will be asked to provide the following:

Pronouns (optional)
Phone Number
Website (if applicable)
Please list collaborators attached to the project
Are you over the age of 18 and hold the right to work in the United States? If not, can you describe your situation?
Any access needs or information you would like to provide to better understand you as an applicant?
Any accommodations needed to submit for this residency? We are more than willing to engage with applicants to ensure they feel they are best represented for their consideration, including adjustment of submission parameters or submission requirements to accommodate.

– A 1-2 page proposal of the project you wish to bring forward, and an introduction to you as an artist.
– A work sample, composed of material that requires 10 minutes or less of engagement time to review.
– An artistic or professional resume, if applicable
– Additional materials, if applicable (e.g. The full script from which you have excerpted material,) additional excerpts of other projects, photography, reviews, anything you might consider relevant in identifying you and your artistry.
Examples include but not limited to: an excerpt of a script you are currently writing; a video of past performance, choreography, or direction; music samples; excerpts of solo performance either written or recorded.


New Repertory Theatre is currently seeking: 

Indigenous Creatives for involvement in upcoming projects. ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE WELCOME

  • Actor/Singers (All vocal ranges & types)
  • Stage Manager Apprentices
  • Stage Managers
  • Movement Specialist
  • Sound Designer/Composer
  • Costumes/Wigs/Hair Designer
  • Props Designer
  • Accessibility Consultants
  • ASL Interpreters

Please submit for INDIGENOUS CREATIVES using the Google form HERE by October 1.

Actors & Creatives of all gender identities and disabilities are strongly encouraged to submit.

Please reach out to Maria Hendricks, Resident Artistic Advisor at or Angelica Potter, Director of Organizational Transition, at with any questions.

Featured Image: Scott Salley & Essie Bertain in By Any Other Name by Erin Lerch. Photo Courtesy Nile Scott Studios