‘The Charles W. Lenox Experience’ Audio Descriptions

How will audio description work at ‘The Charles W. Lenox Experience’ performance?

There won’t be any live, during-the-action, primary description for this show. However, we are offering comprehensive pre-show audio descriptions. You can listen to a recorded version of this content below. Also, our describer, Cori Couture, I will read much of the pre-show description live, about ½ hour before the show begins on Sunday, October 18th, 2020 at 1 PM. If you’d like to hear it on the day of that performance, please arrive by 12:30 PM.

If you are unable to attend the performance on Sunday, October 18th, you may use listen to the descriptions on this site, or download them to your mobile device.

Audio Description Recordings

Introduction to Recorded Audio Description
Audio Description: Actor, Costume, Physicality
Audio Description: Check-In Area and Orientation
Audio Description: Lenox Stop 1
Audio Description: Lenox Stop 2
Audio Description: Traveling to Lenox Stop 3
Audio Description: Lenox Stop 3
Audio Description: Lenox Stop 4
Audio Description: Lenox Stop 5
Audio Description: Playbill for The Charles W. Lenox Experience
Audio Description: Accessibility Information
Audio Description: Dramaturgical/Historical Information