Sarah’s Guide to At-Home Theatre Engagement

During the shelter in place, you might find yourself asking “How can I stay engaged in theatre from my own home?”. We have the answers for you! Each week, a staff member will be posting 5 ways that they stay theatrically engaged from home. Up next is our Artistic & Education Associate, Sarah!
Get in touch with your creative side!
  • I have found that in these quieter times, my creative juices are flowing more than ever. Even if you don’t consider yourself a playwright, consider trying your hand at writing a monologue. Interview a relative or neighbor (remotely or at least 6 feet apart!) about their life. Ask them questions about their childhood, experiences at school or work, or to recall a special memory. Use their answers as a starting point to create a monologue that might go in a play about their life. Make it specific, dramatic and have a clear beginning, middle and end. This is something you can share or just keep to yourself.
  • Get ready for New Rep’s next season by listening to this fantastic soundtrack. It’s sure to get you up and dancing in your living room (it did for me!).
Check out a theatre podcast
  • I love putting on a podcast while I’m taking a walk, doing the dishes or cleaning up. I learn a lot and get away from the computer screen. There are so many out there, so do a search wherever you get podcasts (Apple podcasts, Spotify, etc.). Some of my favorites include: HowlRound Theatre Commons’ Podcasts and American Theatre’s Off Script.
Take a live stream dance class!
  • Many wonderful organizations are hosting free online dance classes. These are so fun and a great way to stay active while restrictions are tight. Check out The Dance Complex and Urbanity Dance.
Free full-length plays every Thursday with London’s National Theatre
  • Starting April 2, every Thursday the National Theatre will release a new selection from their National Theatre Live production archives for free on the National Theatre’s YouTube channel. The production will screen every Thursday at 7pm (2pm Boston time) and remain available for seven days. I have enjoyed seeing National Theatre productions in movie theatres and look forward to enjoying them in my living room! – for free!