A Q&A with Tim Spears on ‘WE WILL NOT BE SILENT’

TIM SPEARS has been a part of many New Repertory Theatre productions such as Statements After An Arrest Under the Immorality Act, Lonely Planet, Good, The Elephant ManAmadeus, and Mister Roberts. Mr. Spears received a BFA in Acting and an MFA in Directing from Boston University. Born in Texas, he now resides in Somerville.

What is your favorite part about your role as Grunwald? 

He’s very mercurial. For a while you don’t really understand what his true form is and if he can be trusted. Which means he can be anything and that’s been a lot of fun to portray.

How do you hope audiences will feel after a performance of We Will Not Be Silent?

 I would hope that an audience would leave this play asking questions of their own life and choices they’ve made and consider the ways that they themselves might have made accommodations during hard times.

Did you know of the White Rose before you were cast in this show? 

I did not but I really love getting to examine this time in our world from this new angle.

We Will Not Be Silent is described as a “provocative and timely new work that examines the role of ordinary people in extraordinary times”. What has it been like for you to work on this play in modern times?  

When you’re working on a good play like this one, and it’s been programmed at the right time, the current state of the world will teach you things about the art you are making and vice versa. And that’s potent.

Lighter question: What is your favorite part about summer changing to fall? 

All the flannel and wool socks and sitting on benches bundled up before rehearsal starts. 🙂